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Lead a mobility platform in your city or country.

Proven profitability! Generate income through each trip made and reap the benefits of a smart investment.

TAXIA LIFE is an innovative mobility application that has established its presence in 5 countries, with an astounding record of over 80,000,000 successful trips.

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Why Invest in a Taxia Operating License?

We stand out as the only tech company in the mobility sector taking our business global with our Operating License. We believe mobility isn’t just a service, but a life-changing experience.

We offer a unique opportunity for individuals and companies wanting to lead a mobility business in a city or country. Partners are responsible for orchestrating all necessary elements for TAXIA LIFE to flourish in a new market. At the same time, we take care of the support, development, and maintenance of our advanced technological platform.

Partners have two exciting investment paths: acquiring an Operating License in a specific city or country, or participating as an investor in our existing operations and businesses. Which of these two models do you wish to start with?

Taxia Business


Proven Profitability

Our proposal translates into solid and sustainable profits.


We are pioneers in omnichannel presence. Our users can request rides through multiple channels, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Booming Market

We are immersed in a constantly expanding market, with massive potential and few competitors


The only app with automated multichannel communication.
AI-driven marketing.
Integration of more than 50 APIs.
Multipayment platform (Cash, card, QR code, and Wallet).
The first franchised company in the sector.
The only app with a panic button.
Effective corporate market attention.

Join Taxia

We’re here to help you achieve your profitability goals. Thanks to our structure, managing the business requires a small team and efficient infrastructure.

At the heart of our approach is the passion to revolutionize the way people move.

Contact us now for more information on how to join the Taxia business!

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Taxia Life Business

Startup Assistance

Strategic Analysis of the Selected Area.

Sales Projections, Analysis, and Profitability Study.

Assistance in Selecting Staff to Operate the Business.

Intensive Knowledge and Skills Transfer for the Business Owner and Staff.

Rights to Use the Brand and Image Approved in the Market.

Specialized Personnel in the Management of Openings, Continuous Support.

Network of Selected Suppliers.

Operating License

Invest in a profitable business with a technology-driven Operating License. Contact us today to learn more about how to join our family of partners!